Friday, 7 August 2009

Racoon Animation

Here's some racoon animation I did for a graduation film titled 'The Great Race', in my second year of university.


  1. Hell yes Huw! Great stuff!

  2. the great...race? what was that :P

    nice work huwbert.

  3. Great huw! The racoon is the best. Put your 3d thing here. See you

  4. cool, didnt remember you did the racoon : ) great job!

  5. Raccoons are amazing!! I love them!!
    Your animation is really nice.
    I am actually in the middle of animating a raccoon myself.
    I created a character a few years ago called "Banjo Raccoon".... which is as it says on the tin, a Raccoon that plays the Banjo.
    You can follow his design progression thru out my blog.
    Keep an eye out on my log, as i'll be posting my Raccoon animation in the next month or so. :)
    All the best,


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