Saturday, 19 March 2016

3D Modelling Software

Here's the beginnings of my own 3D modelling (and eventually animation) software. The initial goal was to emulate Maya/Blender style camera controls, which uses the mouse and modifier keys.

(Programmed in C++ with OpenGL 3).

GLSL Path Tracer

Here's some old graphics programming stuff.

This is a quick experiment to see if I could implement a path tracer as an interactive fragment shader. The lighting is physically based... except for my hacky PRNG making a rather noisy image. Hopefully you can still see some nice lighting effects though.

For reference, it should look a bit like this:

Mandelbox Fractal

Here's some old graphics programming stuff.

This is an interactive mandelbox fractal, implemented as a GLSL shader. The variety of shapes is incredible and very fun to explore :D

Some render quality was sacrificed to get this running interactively.

Raymarching Distance Fields

Here's some old graphics programming stuff.

It's rendered with a GLSL fragment shader, and the camera can be moved around with the keyboard.

The geometry is represented with distance fields, and rendered using raymarching. It has phong shading, soft shadows, reflection and ambient occlusion.